Can medication be changed midway during the treatment of feline infectious peritonitis when using drug GS441524?

This must be a problem that many novice distemper parents have struggled with. Does changing 441 require an adaptation period like changing cat food?

Is the dosage of the medicine the same after changing the medicine?

What if the cat’s condition worsens after changing the medicine?

In fact, changing the medicine halfway through the treatment of distemper is a very normal thing, and most parents have experienced changing the medicine. The first answer to everyone is: 441 can be changed, but don’t change it frequently.

It is recommended that parents change the medicine in the following situations.


Using hospital medicine, there is an effect, but the price is very expensive, and parents cannot afford long-term treatment.

It is recommended not to use hospital medicine for a long time if it exceeds 200 per milliliter, it can be used for emergencies, and after the cat’s condition improves, you can find a reliable drug dealer to buy it yourself, saving a lot of money and buying more medicine for the cat.


Poor effect

Using hospital or drug dealer medicine, the effect is very poor, the cat’s condition has not improved, and the ascites does not absorb, you can change the medicine in this case.

In addition, some medicines are effective at the beginning, but the cat’s condition is sometimes good and sometimes bad in the later stage. This situation may be due to insufficient concentration of the medicine used, or the cat has developed drug resistance and needs to change the medicine in time.

High pain

After the cat has been using the injection for a while, the condition returns to normal. The injection of 441 oil is very painful, causing the cat to struggle very much. The injection is interrupted or even leaks, causing skin ulcers. In this case, it can be changed to low pain water agent, or oral tablets for consolidation.

After changing the medicine, be sure to ask the drug dealer about the medication matters, such as how much is the concentration of the medicine?

How much should be hit each time?

Are the dosages of dry and wet different? …

The medication standards of each drug dealer are different. In order to avoid delaying the cat’s condition, the medication must be in accordance with the drug dealer’s standards.

In addition, after changing the medicine, parents should pay more attention to observing changes in the cat’s condition. If there are abnormalities, consult the drug dealer and doctor in time to prevent the cat’s condition from deteriorating.

In short, there are many mixed brands of medicines on the market. When parents choose, try to choose a well-reputed, high cure rate old brand, which can also minimize the possibility of stepping on thunder.

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